Daily Tools


Orange Today App

Orange Today is the ONLY all-inclusive “daily living tool” for those living with mental illness, alcoholism or addiction.

We are trying to establish the HABIT of using Orange Today everyday. If someone has to download multiple apps to achieve the same results, they WILL NOT develop the habit.

I am just like you and live with mental illness and alcoholism. I know the tools which help me to live a happy, sober life today.

I have built a support network which includes my doctors, therapist, family, friends and fellowship of AA.

I take my medication, a mental inventory, meditate, go to the gym and journal on a daily basis.

Orange Today Daily Living Tool App will provide the following features. (Not every feature will be released immediately.)

  • Registration – provide personal information so the app can customize features
    • Example: Select Alcoholic and your App would have resources for Alcoholics, such as AA meetings around you using GPS.
    • Enter emergency contacts
    • Create your individual support circle of up to 5 people. You can customize what the individuals receive as notification from you.
  • Meditation¬†– provide meditation app